GLL Episode 953

CLL #953 (feat. Amanda de Cadenet)

05/25/1999 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – TobyDog Tape (2008) With an Unknown Boston Tape (2010) used for Patches

This is a new export of the only two known sources, the episode is now 100% complete. Amanda and Adam get along great, Amanda has some great lines that could’ve been even better drops, this is her 2nd known appearance on the show. Her first episode is sadly lost to time and the date is unknown. Solid episode with an engaged and fun guest.

From WikiAmanda de Cadenet (born 19 May 1972 in HampsteadLondon) is an English photographer, actress and television presenter.

Bumper Music Breakdown

Intro Music: MxPx – Under Lock and Key (Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo)

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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