GLL Episode 933

CLL #933 (feat. The Flys)

04/27/1999 – Tuesday Night Show

Source –  Kevin Tape (2016) with TobyDog Tape (2008) Patches

This is a new merging of the two only known sources for this episode, the episode is now 100% complete. The Flys are making their 2nd and final appearance on CLL. They discuss Columbine and there is a weird masturbation discussion towards the end of the show.

From WikiThe Flys were an American post-grunge group, formed in Hollywood[1] in 1994 and on indefinite hiatus since 2012. They had success with the 1998 alternative top five hit “Got You (Where I Want You)“, produced by David J. Holman, the video for which featured actorsKatie Holmes and James Marsden. “Got You (Where I Want You)” was featured on their second album Holiday Man in 1998 and also appeared on the soundtrack for the 1998 MGM film Disturbing Behavior, which starred Holmes. Their music is also featured in The Crow: Salvation soundtrack, with the track “I Know What You Want”. “She’s So Huge” was featured in the 2001 film Sugar & Spice.

Two members of the band, Adam Paskowitz and Josh Paskowitz, are members of the Doc Paskowitz family, described by the New York Times as the “First Family of Surfing.”[2]

With the single “Got You (Where I Want You)” reaching No. 5 on the Modern Rock Charts and featured in Disturbing Behavior, The Flys’ 1998 album Holiday Man album reached No. 109 on the Billboard charts. A second single, “She’s So Huge”, peaked at No. 32 on Modern Rock Charts.[3] In 2000, The Flys released their third album, Outta My Way. The album contained the single “Losin’ It”, as well as two samples from two songs by The Beach Boys from their Pet Sounds album, “Here Today” and “Caroline, No”.[4][5] The Flys touredmany times during the band’s lifespan. The band soon teamed up with actor/musician Jordan Lawson on bass. They often opened and headlined for many other well known 90’s groups such as The Red Hot Chili PeppersSugar RayThe PixiesPearl JamSilverchairHole (band)SpacehogThe BreedersDinosaur JrSoundgardenThe Flaming LipsThe Toadies and many others. After their last tour, the band went on indefinite hiatus. However, soon after, they announced on their MySpace page that “The Flys Are Back,” and released an iTunes single (a cover of The Beatles‘ “Hey Jude“) along with a remake of their biggest hit, entitled “Got You Where I Want You 2008”.

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