GLL Episode 913

CLL #913 (feat. Julie Benz and Rick Batalla)

03/30/1999 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – Tobydog Tape (2010) 

This is the only known source for this episode, it’s nearly 100% complete just missing a minute from the top of the show, 2 seconds from a static burst and a few seconds after the tape flip. Julie and Rick are both making their only known appearances on CLL during the Adam era. Drew attempts to properly drain Adam’s palm cyst live on air which goes even worse than the night previous, Adam is in serious pain for the remainder of the show. Solid guests, solid episode!

From WikiPayne is an American sitcom patterned after the British program Fawlty Towers. It starred American John Larroquette, who was also an executive producer for the series. Payne was a mid-season replacement on CBS and aired in March and April 1999. The show also starred JoBeth WilliamsJulie Benz and Rick Batalla. Despite fairly positive reception, and receiving the blessing of John Cleese, who agreed to take a recurring role if the show was renewed[citation needed]Payne was quickly cancelled. Nine episodes were filmed; eight were aired.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

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