GLL Episode 906

CLL #906 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

03/21/1999 – Sunday Night Show

Source – Tobydog Tape (2009) 

This is the only known source for this episode, it’s nearly 100% complete just missing a single word from Dr. Drew about 15 minutes into the episode and a few seconds after the tape flip, right after the station identification break. Adam and Drew struggle to understand the concept of a “Hotel Party” and Adam goes on a left turn arrow rant. Lots of heavy calls in this episode.

LLT Notes:

Adam admits to missing Drew who had been in New York and just got back last night. The Oscar awards were on earlier in the night. Drew says neither him nor his wife has seen The Shining. Engineer Mike also admits to have never seen The Shining.

Drew says Pamela Lee Anderson is a young woman who cross dresses.

The first caller is a girl who is obsessed with piercings. Drew goes to give out some numbers but the girl cuts him off and asks if Korn will be on the show anytime soon.

A 17 year old girl spent the weekend at a hotel with her friends. Drew and Adam spend 5 minutes trying to figure out why she was staying in a hotel and she is impossible to get an answer out of.

Adam is thinking about wearing a dog cone collar because he scratches himself at night and wakes up his girlfriend.

A caller gets Adam going on a red left turn arrows rant. When the caller mentions he is calling his shrink, Adam says he’s never called his shrink and doesn’t even have the number.
Caller Rita just lost her 22 month year old son that drowned.

Earlier in the day, Adam was given some plane tickets that said “P Class” on it. Adam had no clue what the P stood for. He says C should be for coach, B should be for business, and F should be for first class seats.

A caller tells Drew he will want to answer his question. Of course the question ends up being better for Adam to answer.

A caller by the name of Paul had a huge breakdown with his wife. She had recently stabbed herself with a butcher knife in front of their kids.


Music Provided by Rich Banks

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