GLL Episode 900

CLL #900 (feat. L7 w/ Dr. Bruce)

03/11/1999 – Thursday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with Tobydog Tape (2009) Patches

This is a brand new merging of the newest acquired source with patches from the old Toby Tape, the episode is nearly 100% complete, just missing a few seconds while talking about Adam and Dr. Bruce having hobbies at the top of the second hour. L7 are making their 3rd known and final appearance of the Adam Carolla era. The band prove to be great guests, interjecting often and having fun with the show. This episode features a memorable call on female genital mutilation and Adam does his Gay Aptitude Test. Bruce gets frustrated with Adam several times throughout the show. Classic Episode!

From Wiki: L7 is an American rock band from Los AngelesCalifornia, United States. They were active from 1985 to 2001, and reunited in 2014.[5] Due to their sound and image, they are often associated with the grunge movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s.[6] L7 influenced many of the riot grrrl bands of the 1990s.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.