GLL Episode 894

CLL #894 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

03/03/1999 – Wednesday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with Tobydog Tape (2009) Patches

This is a brand new merging of the newest acquired source with patches from the existing Toby Tape, This episode features a bogus caller, a caller who Drew deems to young to listen let alone call in to talk about masturbation and Adam rants about PSAs with Dr. Drew, mocking McGruff the Crime Dog and the “Airline turbulence safety tips” PSA. Adam and Drew would mock these same PSAs for the next 6+ years on Loveline, to this very day in 2017 they still bring them up, that’s how truly bad these spots are. Adam and Drew attempt to create their own PSA which actually carries over into the next show for CLL #895. This show is only missing the closing break and is over 99% complete.

LLT Notes:

Adam introduces Drew as a bored certified physician. Drew asks him if he’s taking the antibiotic he’s been prescribed. Adam goes on to rant about the child proof caps on medicine bottles. He thinks there should be an “adult lid” included with bottles so single folk don’t have to mess around with the child proof ones.

Drew says stoners may get confused by the name lid and think they’re buying weed.

A caller says he has an abrasion on his finger that has left some pink flesh exposed. Adam says he recently rented the movie Pink Flesh Exposed.

When Adam says Rob Schneider will be on the show tomorrow, Drew says he’s doing Politically Incorrect with him earlier in the day. Adam suggests Drew have him come home and entertain his kids over dinner.

Caller Chad claims to have wacked off in class but is busted for being bogus when he repeats Adam’s question.

12 year old caller Philip calls with a masturbation question. Drew tells him not to listen to the show because he’s too young.

When Adam says he didn’t start whacking off till 16, engineer Mike says he didn’t start till he was 18.

Coming back from a break, Adam says there is a new batch of PSA’s he has to listen to every night. He rants about McGruff the crime dog and yells at Drew for reading during his rant. It sounds like this is the first time Adam hears and brings up the airplane turbulence PSA.

They listen to it over the air and Adam goes off on how stupid it is. They actually plan on recording their own PSA after the show.

Adam freaks on a caller for not writing down a number that Drew read off. He also suggests the morning after pill be in gumball machines.

A kid from Cincinnati says he works at a local grocery store that Adam Drew have never heard of. He is on Ritalin and is snorting it to get high. Drew says River Phoenix died from the same sort of drug.


Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.