GLL Episode 892

CLL #892 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts)

03/01/1999 – Monday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with Tobydog Tape (2009) Patches

This is a brand new merging of the newest acquired source with patches from the existing Toby Tape, the missing 40 minutes of show content has finally been restored after over 18 years, Adam rants about psychics, argues with a caller about sterilization and gets into it with a caller claiming to be a feminist. It’s a Full Moon show with a theme of angry female callers who have rants, one even has prepared statements. Considered by many to be a perfect episode, we now get to hear the full show and see if it’s even superior than previously thought, let’s all listen together and find out!

Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.