GLL Episode 882

CLL #882 (feat. Myles Berkowitz) – 02/15/1999 – Monday Night Show

Source – Tobydog Tape (2009) 

This is a newly remastered and nearly 100% complete Toby Tape from 2009. Myles Berkowitz is making his only appearance on CLL promoting his movie ’20 Dates’ the episode is considered by some to be a standout episode as Adam and Drew are in rare form, others found Myles joke attempts and plugging to be annoying. The static burst at 73min in has been removed, so no need to brace yourself.

From Wiki20 Dates is a 1998 American mockumentary film. Myles Berkowitz directs and stars as himself, a man who decides to combine “the two biggest failures in my life–professional and personal” by setting out on a filmed quest to have 20 dates and come out with both a movie career and a love interest. While most of his dates are disasters of varying stripes, Myles ultimately meets the lovely Elisabeth on his 17th date and they completely hit it off, leaving him with a new dilemma when he wants to finish the movie anyway and puts his new romance at risk.

LoveLineTapes Notes:

This is an ok show. Miles plugs his movie about a million times throughout the show.
Adam announces he has diarrhea. Drew blames it on some airplane food they had a couple days ago. Drew’s gas is kicking in as well.
Adam plans on getting a C130 cargo plane to distribute the morning after pill across urban centers.

Drew mentions he listened to an interview on an airplane about movies. This gets Adam fired up about the in flight television having commercials in the first class section of the plane.
Miles says the only reason he was able to get funding for his movie was that the guy who paid for it thought it was going to end up being a porn movie he could sell in Europe.

Adam pitches his invention called the Love Grommit. Caller Ben calls in with a gripe about the show being repetitive
Adam says he’s scared to fart into the mic because of the diarrhea. Adam and Drew talk about the band Cake being in the studio and Adam lighting farts for them on the air.
A caller says he’s made a tape full of Adam’s tangents.

This show is the first time Drew discovers Adam has never talked about whacking off with his therapist. Adam say’s he’d rather talk about his model airplanes. When Drew says Adam spends most of his day masturbating, Adam is offended because his grandmother may be listening and has Drew’s mic shut off. You can hear Drew continue to defend his point after his mic is off.
Adam accidently addresses caller Michelle as Michael and Drew gets upset. Adam makes a funny Marijuana Anonymous joke.

Just as a heads up, at 1:13:51 there is a second or two of static that made me jump when I was listening to it.
Drew says Adam’s buddy Ray should be a guest on the show. Adam doesn’t think that would be a great idea though.

Drew asks a caller how many times an hour he thinks about sex. Adam goes off on how stupid and unanswerable that question is. He also brings up the time he was asked a similar question during his catholic big brother interview. Miles says he was rejected from the big brother program because he didn’t have a girlfriend they could talk to.

Adam explains the big brother program is split into different groups for different religions. He says they include catholic big brother, Jewish big brother and another one called Son of Satan for the atheists.
Miles apologizes for plugging his movie during a call that may not have been appropriate but Adam says it doesn’t matter.
A caller brings up girls using astrological signs. Adam mentions having dinner with Kennedy and having to talk signs. He proclaims this stuff is only for gay men and crazy women.

A caller mentions getting hepatitis A and oral polio shots. Adam says he recently rented Oral Polio.
A guy says he thinks he looks like the picture of Adam on the cover of their book and wants advice on neck rashes. Adam says to use apricot seed scrub. When the caller says he likes Adam’s tangents, it’s revealed the night before this show, Adam went off on Mountain Dew, Sunny D and thick crust pizza.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

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