GLL Episode 878

CLL #878 (feat. Natalie Raitano and Shaun Baker) – 02/09/1999 – Tuesday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape (2017) with a Kevin Tape (2016) Patch

This is the definitive recording for this episode, replacing the previous Tobydog recording and the unreleased Kevin Tape from 2016, Natalie is making her first of 3 appearances and Shaun is making his only known appearance on the show. Natalie has one known appearance on the MTV show, which aired on March 1st 2000. The missing 4 minutes of content have been restored and the episode is 100% complete, with perfect audio quality.

From WikiV.I.P. is an American action/comedy-drama series starring Pamela Anderson. Created by J. F. Lawton,[1] the series aired in syndication for four seasons from 1998 to 2002.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

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