GLL Episode 869

CLL #869 (feat. Eliel Swinton and Ron Lester) – 01/27/1999 – Wednesday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with Tobydog Tape (2009) Patches

This is a 100% Complete brand new merging of the only two known sources, both from Arizona oddly enough. Eliel Swinton and Ron are both making their CLL debut, Eliel never returns to the show and Ron returns for two more infamous visits, first on CLL #1459 solo from May 2nd 2001 and then again on CLL #1260 with the cast of ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ for his final visit on December 13th 2001. They both prove to be enthusiastic guests and are a lot of fun, great episode that I first recovered 8 years ago. 

From Wiki: Ron Lester (August 4, 1970 – June 17, 2016) was an American actor. He was best known for his roles in the films Varsity Blues, Not Another Teen Movie, Good Burger, and the television series Popular.

From WikiEliel Swinton (born March 27, 1975) played running back Wendell Brown in the 1999 film Varsity Blues and is a former professional football player with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was nationally ranked as a high school football player at Montclair Prep and then played his college football at Stanford University. He signed on as an undrafted free agent to play with the Chiefs. His playing days were cut short by injury and he moved back to California to do production assistant work.

Grantland Article about Ron



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