GLL Episode 867

CLL #867 (feat. Diane Farr)

01/25/1999 – Monday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) with Tobydog Tape (2009) Patches

This is a 100% Complete brand new merging of the only two known sources, the episode is now complete with several minutes of content restored, Diane is making her 2nd appearance on CLL, her first visit was back on CLL #745 from August 6th 1998. That episode was remastered and shared previously in this feed and can still be downloaded from the website. Originally supposed to be just Diane and Dr. Drew, Adam ends up joining them after his debut on the ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ with clips sprinkled throughout thanks to Engineer Mike, make sure to stay tuned through the closing G.I.O. Podcast theme for a bonus. Great Episode, Great Guest!


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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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