GLL Episode 631

CLL #631 (feat. Fastball) 

03/01/1998Sunday Night Show

SourceXJosh VHS Archive Collection (2024)

This episode is 99% complete with a Major audio upgrade, just missing the closing goodbye segment, Fastball is making their debut appearance on CLL, they return to the show once more in 1999 and this episode was used in multiple ‘Best Of’ Compilations leading to our previously only know chunks, instead of editing any of that material in here I left the XJosh Tape in full despite the audio difficulties. This file has been compressed, normalized and had noise removal applied, the noise is baked into the fm broadcast source and can only be mitigated so much without compromising the remaining audio, this is the best I could get it (for now?) and contains the missing 65% of the episode and two missing live performances. This episode is the beginning of Adam’s airport ride fiasco that spread over the following episode and would not be resolved until the Kevin and Bean show 20 years later.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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