GLL Episode 619

CLL #619 (feat. Gary Goldschneider)

02/11/1998 – Wednesday Night Show

Source Melissa Tape (2014) with Kevin Tape (2016) Patches

This Episode is entirely new to the archive, never before shared online, if you heard this one it was back in 98. Gary joins them remotely via the phone system and stays online for the majority of the show after the first break, he is promoting his new book and “analyzes” compatibility for callers and the staff/cast of the show, a very unique episode indeed! We have a Kevin Tape and this Melissa Tape, the Kevin tape had a high pitched whine so we went with the full body of the Melissa Tape due to the superior sound and used the Kevin Tape to patch in a missing 2min at the top of the 2nd hour and a missing 20 seconds from the closer with Dr. Drew.

Never Before Released – You Have Not Heard This One 


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