GLL Episode 375

CLL #375 (feat. Jon Favreau)

03/06/1997Thursday Night Show

SourceOfficial VHS Tape (2023)

This episode has been missing since it originally aired over 26 years ago. Now recovered and shared for the first time. Jon is making his only appearance on CLL, he would record an episode of LoveLine for MTV shortly after this that aired and taped in May and June. That episode would ultimately lead to Dr. Drew having an onset panic attack, possibly even unrelated to the topic at hand. Years later Drew and Jon would mend fences backstage at an event or taping. Aside from a fascinating conversation about Hollywood Executives and the fear of losing employment that often overrides creativity nobody knows nor remembers what was discussed in this episode. Now let’s all go back to listen to when times were good and find out what happens for ourselves.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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