GLL Episode 369

CLL #369 (feat. Famke Janssen)

02/26/1997Tuesday Night Show

SourceOfficial VHS Tape (2023) – Final Transfer

This episode has a major audio upgrade and is 100% complete, Adam opens the show telling Mike to pot down the music, perhaps some posturing for the guest? Adam gets her name right, this time! Adam is clearly into Famke, he picks on her husband at the time, and she defends him and talks about his upcoming first film that she will be starring in. Adam says that Famke needs 4 husbands, there is too much of her to go around, she oddly agrees with him. Adam explains why he does not mind sharing Famke with 3 other men, he is only good for once per week, hilarious riff about their fantasy life together.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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