GLL Episode 366

CLL #366 (feat. Veruca Salt)

02/23/1997Sunday Night Show

SourceOfficial VHS (2023) – Final Transfer

This episode has a major audio upgrade and is 100% complete, Songs Played: “Volcano Girls” and “Straight” off of their 1997 release “Eight Arms to Hold You”. Adam seems to genuinely like their music and has some praise for the songs selected as the singles off the album. They would return to the show for one final appearance on CLL #1218 from May 30th 2000. Louise Post would guest on #1262 from July 31st 2000 and Nina would return for her final visit of the Adam era CLL #1270 from August 10th 2000. Louise is part of one of the “Dave Grohl” Incidents, Adam accidentally insulted the woman accompanying Dave on two separate occasions, once with Louise in 1997 and then again in 2003 with his current wife.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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