GLL Episode 365

CLL #365 (feat. The Smiths)

02/20/1997Thursday Night Show

SourceOfficial VHS (2023) – Final Transfer

This episode has a major audio upgrade and is 100% complete, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke from The Smiths are in studio. Adam and Drew open the show discussing how overwhelmed Drew is due to his schedule and discuss his need to stay frosty with his medical career, he does a great job of explaining how practice makes perfect when you are practicing medicine, Adam tells him he should have gotten into dentistry, once again mocking what he sees as a primitive field, foreshadowing his intense dental work coming up in 1998, including the over 25min rant about the post in his jaw, good times! Adam tells Drew that he is being obsessive and compulsive, Engineer Mike uses some Drew drops to lighten up the mood and Adam asks Drew if he does not like himself. Caller Delfina uses the F word and gets bleeped, Adam and Drew debate letting her stay on air, then take pity on her. Delfina is calling about hearing her parents having sex and they peel her onion. Mike and Andy are in town promoting a Smiths convention. Adam shares his love for the band “The Wild Colonials” and describes them as a lot of fun and real good people, wow.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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