GLL Episode 348

CLL #348 (feat. David Arquette and Minnie Driver)

01/28/1997 Tuesday Night Show

SourceLost Tape VHS (2020)

This episode is 100% complete, with a huge audio upgrade. David is promoting Scream which is still in theaters after its December premier and Johns his upcoming indie movie, Minnie is promoting some films as well. David has 4 other known appearances from the Adam Carolla era and one cameo during the 1999 episode with the cast of Being John Malkovich. Adam jokes about David and Minnie having sex during the commercial breaks. Adam talks about Jimmy Pop from The Bloodhound Gang licking him on the MTV show, he describes it in detail and says he wouldn’t want the cast of Charlie’s Angels licking him and can’t watch people kiss their pets, he describes that in detail too.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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