GLL Episode 340

CLL #340 (feat. Ice-T)

01/16/1997Thursday Night Show

Source – Lost Tape VHS (2013)

This episode is 100% complete and from a VHS board captured source recording, Adam has a very impassioned intro and Drew is appreciative saying he’s looking for the chance to finally compliment Adam back. Ice-T is making at least his 2nd appearance of the Adam Carolla era promoting his new interactive website, always ahead of the internet curve. Adam promotes the upcoming guests Jon Stewart, Larry Flynt and Cake. Ice tells the guys how he came up with these adult PPV specials/shows and he explains what you’re actually seeing, very bizarre business idea. Engineer Mike is fresh faced, sans goatee and the guys are stunned. Adam brought in an intro from Ice-T’s show, he actually “put it on a cart” whoa!

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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