GLL Episode 230

CLL #230 (feat. The Jerky Boys with Chris Hardwick)

08/15/1996 Thursday Night Show

SourceCraig stumbled upon existing mp3 recording (2020)

This episode is roughly  55% complete and features Chris Hardwick filling in for Adam for the 2nd hour of LoveLine with The Jerky Boys making their earliest known appearance on the show, one of the rarest hosting change ups in LL history. Chris would fill in for Adam much like Stryker ended up doing a few years later, Chris took a job with a competing station and was prevented from filling for Adam after that. Nobody aside from Craig and the internet source for this file have heard this since it originally aired, let’s all listen together and find out what happened.

The Love Between The Two Hosts – CLL on Youtube, with Video for select episodes.

Music Provided by Rich Banks

Check out His Website and Soundcloud to hear more of his awesome work and perhaps commission him for your next project.