GLL Episode 79

CLL #79 (feat. The Awkward Chemistry Between The Three Hosts)

01/17/1996 Wednesday Night Show

SourceLost Tape VHS (2013) 

This episode is 100% complete, with a huge audio upgrade. Riki announces this will be his final night as co-host of Loveline after hosting since August 22nd 1993 due to Poorman’s termination over that weekend. Riki went from guest to new co-host literally overnight. Riki co-hosted the show for over 2 years with Dr. Drew before Adam joined them October 1st 1995 and Riki continued with the show for over another 3 months. As Adam said if only ever night could have been Riki’s last show they could have had an entirely different chemistry leading up to this and possibly continued on.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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