GLL Episode 6

CLL #6 (feat. The Awkward Chemistry Between the Three Hosts)

10/08/1995Sunday Night Show

Source – SpaceBoye Tape (2011)

This episode has a 95% certain date, The first night of Adam’s second week at Loveline. The episode is roughly 50% complete. This is the Spaceboye Tape (2011) The only known source and our oldest chunk of Loveline, it’s incomplete and only about half of the episode. This is the 6th episode with Adam Carolla as co-host (Adam guested one time prior as Mr. Birchum),  It features what might be the first use of “Mahalo” and Dr. Drew taking the reigns a bit, also Adam calls Drew “Doc” a very early window into their rapport and broadcast formula they’d yet to develop.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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