LLBC Episode 08-05-1990

LLBC – (feat. Nitzer Ebb with Kevin and Bean)

08/05/1990 Sunday Night Show

Source – Unclepenny Fan Tape (2023)

This episode has never been shared online, recovered and transferred for the first time. Missing for 32 years, now available for everyone to hear forever. Nitzer Ebb are making their LoveLine debut and only known appearance though it’s possible they did return between 1991 and 1995. The band are immediately confronted about the show’s format and if they know what is expected of them, with an interesting similarity to the band ‘The Darkness’ in 2004, not in their reaction but the same expectation and this unique element among UK bands and LoveLine that can immediately lead to friction regardless of era, regardless of host. Kevin and Bean hosting is a rare event indeed and makes for an even more interesting episode while Poorman is out of town on his honeymoon.

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Music Provided by Rich Banks

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