Hosting Podcast Media on

This guide will walk you through the easy steps to host all of your media for free on, the majority of podcasts cater to an audience of less than 250 people and frankly there is no reason to be spending so much money on hosting space for such little traffic.

Also with such limited audiences advertising and revenue options also go out the window, the best way for the fan, hobbyist or even professional small scale podcaster to host their show.

First sign up for a free account here:

Make sure to upload your files individually so you can add separate titles and information for each file.

Decide upon which licensing model to use, I go for a creative commons with remix options for anyone and no commercial use as I don’t have a right to use it that way myself, despite it being mostly my content.

Then once you have uploaded your mp3, get the direct link

Something like this

Then remove the s as many podcast and RSS catchers can’t work with it, you will now have a link like this

It will be a fully functioning MP3 link for normal podcast use.