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Recorded 11 December 2018


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Turner & Hooch (1989)


On a scale of 1 to 10 on the Pumps & a Bump (original version) scale, this is a 4 of how much of Tom Hank’s package you are forced to see.


Weird things I noticed


Turner has a star badge, typical of Sheriff’s in a wallet folder for a shield badge.


Hooch breaks the window. When Turner is on scene investigating the death, the animal handlers go through a door with the windows boarded up. Who boarded up those windows?


Tom Hanks is super anal and is unreasonably angry


I had not seen this since the theatre, didn’t remember much, so why did I know Craig T. Nelson is a bad guy?


I think that this is T. Hanks, just after dumping his pre-fame wife, mother of Colin. He thought this was his sexy movie, so that’s why he fired and replaced Fonzie as the director. It’s a challenge to have the nicest man in Hollywood hate you. I remember the early interviews on Roswell with Colin Hanks talking shit about his dad, since he was on his mother’s side and hadn’t yet been won back over by his Dad casting him.


The music in this movie is horrible, fuck you Charles Gross!


Where did Hooch sleep the first night? I find it unlikely that Turner didn’t bath him immediately.


Why during the wacky hijinks is Hooch not pissing on something?


Spottiswoode is not a good director.


The people on Does the Dog Die need to fix their shit. They say this movie has a clown, a kid who dies, a parent who dies, finger/toe mutiliation

, shaving/cutting, and says there is a shower scene. No…there is a bath scene. Where is the one where a clown breaks in, mutilates a finger or toe and then kills a parent and child?


I would prefer this movie with Lea Thompson.


Time to get a better view of Hank’s package and taint!


I refuse to believe this Turner would wait until the morning of day three to give him a bath.




So hooch fucked that shoe, didn’t he.


VelJohnson cares way too much about Turner getting some.


There are some bad leash continuity problems in this movie.


Yeah kid, your moms a pussy because she bought a Tercel!


That is so not what money laundering is or how money was smuggled out of the country. This is what stupid old white dudes thought was going on, not pallets of money that filled warehouses.


VelJohnson is creepy as fuck


It’s weird that Turner is using a revolver.


Aaaand Hooch gets shot.


Aaaaand Turner kills coach.


Aaaaaaand Hooch dies


Aaaaaaaaand Turner is now the chief.


Aaaaaaaaaaand Turner is now shacked up with Not Lea Thompson and they have a little Hooch…I don’t think that’s how dog genetics work.


And least it was an easier movie to watch than the one where they teach the chimps to fly and then nuke them.









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