Podgodz 307: Lax and Gio talk S

Recorded 13 November 2018



Happy Birfday!

200 Gig purge

Updated to iOS…12?



With time off, little has floated my boat. I’ve been in mood to delete unlisted to backlogs

The Incomparable (2001/2010)

Somehow I manage (The Office)

No Agenda has been…fine

80s All over June 1984 was good.

Omnibus! was okay

The Incomparable Game Show #98 K’oh Bragh!







Defocused…maybe, but this week pulled it out of contention because they didn’t talk about a movie.



The Show:

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) aka Awakening Part 1 & 2


the IMDB Summary

_In 1987, NASA astronaut William “Buck” Rogers is caught in a freak accident in deep space, causing his space shuttle Ranger 3 to be blown into an orbit that returns him to Earth – over 500 years later. The combination of gases that freezes him comes close to the formula commonly used in the 25th century for preservation, and his rescuers are able to revive him. In 2491, when Buck awakens from the freezing, Earth is recovering from a nuclear war and is coming under hostile attack by the Draconian Empire.


Oh my GOD the opening credits! Watch them! Watch them NOW!



Far beyond the world I’ve known, far beyond my time

What am I, who am I, what will I be?

Where am I going and what will I see?

Searching my mind for some truths to reveal

What thoughts are fantasy, what memories real?


Long before this life of mine, long before this time

What was there, who cared to make it begin?

Is it forever or will it all end?

Searching my past for the things that I’ve seen

Is it my life or just something I dreamed?


Far beyond this world I’ve known, far beyond my time

What kind of world am I going to find?

Will it be real or just all in my mind?

What am I, who am I, what will I be?

Where am I going and what will I see?



He dreams of space sluts probably only there for the producers to interfere with sexually. Or is this porn for Mormons? There are no black space sluts after all. Why were they so cheap they had to reuse a shot right after they first showed it? Do you think they told the two female stars before of after they signed they needed drastic bikini wax? Maybe this is why Erin Grey was reluctant and late to sign on for the series?


The music, it is not subtle.


Ah, the future that was to be powered by light tubes.


Oh course, he must be a spy. That makes all the sense!


Let’s count all the footage ripped off from Battle Star Galactica!


This has porn quality acting!


I find it odd they would be monitoring analogue frequencies from 500 years ago, a cell phone from 30 years ago doesn’t work today after all.


Nice that not only did America remain with non-metric, they won over the rest of the world to renounce metric.


Yeah, you always send the boss up to intercept random interlopers.


Does it seem strange that Buck is so willing to have a conversation with a sentient wall clock?


Hey, the Bonaventure Hotel! As seen on almost every other SciFi show of the era, even Interstellar!


Now we get to the edit hack job. Originally, Buck was held captive after the trial, later to escape to the ruins, now it comes much earlier.


Because of course someone from 500 years ago could fly a space ship.


And the old men who made this get to complain that computers are ruining everything. Go with the combat computers! Don’t deviate! Everything was better in the old days when we did things right!


It can’t be the future without space disco! All the women just need that special stench of Buck rubbed on them. Buck has space roofies


I’m not sure this was very well plotted out. It’s kind of like they realized “fuck, this needs an ending”…maybe it all blows up and Wilma gets jealous as fuck?


Seriously people, find the opening credits on youtube.


Also, Pam Hensley and Erin Gray are smoking hot.



Saturn 3

Private Benjamin



Capricorn 1

Soap Dish



Dr. Strangelove



An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn





2 backed up Doctors Who

Man in the High Castle S3

Dreamland/Utopia AU

The Patriot (aka Sad Spie)


Shows deleted

Arrested Development 4 (remix), 5

Baskets S3

Clock and Dagger

Preacher S3

The Alienest

Mob City

Hard Sun

X-Company 2,3

Top Chef/Top Chef Canada

The Son

Orphan Black 4,5


On Tap

The Patriot

The Hollowmen

Mitchell and Webb

Happy Valley

House of Cards?


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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