Podgodz 306: Lax and Gio talk shit

Recorded 30 October 2018



Happy Birfday!



No Agenda has been OK

80s All Over May 1984 was good.

Enjoyed Omnibus (Brown Sound, Ossian, Letter J, Bridey Murphy)

Top Four (Breakfasts)

Somehow I Manage

The Good Place (official) Podcast

CBC This Is That




Try To Podcast: Jeremy Henson’s new pod






The Shows: Gio finally got off his ass and The Wonder Years giving me 2 whole hours to watch just over 2 hours of show. Single viewing only!


WHO is taking all that home video? WHO!


Too much Snuffy Walden, that man is treacle with extra maudlin.


So1E01: Pilot, 31 January 1988

In 1968, friends Kevin Arnold, Paul Pfeiffer, and Winnie Cooper attend the newly renamed Robert F Kennedy Junior High for the first time.


Sooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooow. I swear, today this 24 minute episode could be done in 4 minutes.


S03E01: Summer Song 3 October 1989

The Arnold family and Paul Pfeiffer travel to Ocean City for a little fun in the sun. However, once there, no one really seems to be having any. Paul’s allergies flare up, and Wayne and Karen’s attitudes are making it nothing like the family trips from long ago. Kevin is still stinging from the news the Winnie Cooper has a new boyfriend, until he meets a cute (but older) girl named Teri.


Yeah, that was Juliette Lewis. GOD, the music is as subtle as a fish to the face. Teri, by the way, has gone on to such great movies as “MILFS Like It Big 7” and “Suck It Dry 6”. Also, Soooooo slooooow.


S03E20: Goodbye, 24 April 1990

Kevin’s grades in Mr Collin’s Math class are not that good. After talking to Kevin, Mr Collins suggests that he could give him extra lessons to help him on the upcoming test. Kevin seems to be getting better, until one day when Mr Collins fails to show up.


The narration is so flat, I guess since the kids can’t/don’t have the time to act why should Stern bother to try? Well, at least it wasn’t a ‘special’ episode where Kevin gets raped in the basement – although I might have actually preferred that to this.


S04E11: Heartbreak,  23 January, 1991

Both Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper’s schools are having a joint field trip to the local museum. Kevin figures this will be a great chance to spend some time together with Winnie, but things don’t turn out as he planned.


Fuck Ben Stein. This time the girlfriend didn’t get into porn, but did marry the US Chairman from Iron Chef. Only got half the episode, so didn’t get to see them break up… or fuck… or both.


S06E21+22: Summer+Independence Day, 12 May 1993

After a fight with his dad, Kevin drives off to the summer resort where Winnie is working, to get a job and try to make it on his own. Only Winnie does not seem all that happy to see him.


After catching Winnie kissing another guy and losing all his money and his car in a poker game, Kevin decides to head back home to his parents.


Fuck you Giovanni Ribisi? Looks like they either gave Savage the time to act, or he learned how. Doesn’t seem like they learned how to make the show look good.


I will say, Kevin’s Mom, hotter than I remembered.


Remember when Danica MacKeller tramped it up and was doing all those lad mag covers? Guess it didn’t get her a second go around. Hard to believe most people found it shocking that she went to university…for math… and did well.


Paul didn’t go to Harvard, he became Marilyn Manson. I thought they killed the father though…oh, just in voice over.


I’m thinking I didn’t watch much Wonder Years. Not having boomer parents, they never were really down with boomer nostalgia, I wasn’t watching prime time at the time, and in syndication there were always 15 episode of MASH I could watch.




First Man

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn


Boogie Nights

Juliet Naked

King Kong 1976





Doctor Who S11

Daredevil S3


On Tap


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