Podgodz 300

Podgodz 300: This is the End…

Recorded 07 August 2018

Lax Notes:

Back from the Cabin, but still with 1 more day off


Looking at back notes to the show, starting at #15 which is when I started to keep them. September 2012: I miss Ganz on Car Cast and an dropping it. You Look Nice Today is still releasing episodes, I am pissed off at Carolla for being mean, doing bad pod, and being disrespectful to guests by making them wait, even David Wilde who I hate.


I was just about to drop Mental Illness Happy Hour, and I thought that Chris Hardwick was “Strangely mean and no one seems to be having fun”. Of my Top 5 I am listening to No Agenda and Roderick on the Line.


Show 25: November 9, 2012.


I was angry at Disney for preventing Simmons from being on Carolla and comment that they just bought Star Wars. Yep.

I was cooling on WTF and found Maron a chore.

Aww, Megaboom was a thing and I listened to Apatow on the ACS.


#32: Nerdist Sampler

“The problem is I don’t like Chris. I do not think he is authentic and is perhaps an alien simulacrum. The other huge problem for me is the long term banking of shows. I know he is a busy guy, so maybe he has to bank some episodes, but they should at least be released in order. I would rather they release fewer episodes.


I am also not a fan of the shows they record at the E! studios. They seem distracted, there is a guy working over in the corner, and it is them eking out time in the middle of the work day so NONE of them are in the mood to be funny – they are busy and thinking about the rest of the day.”


Episode 100, April 2, 2014

Still listening to Classic Loveline (Little Brother Nate), JJGO and Stop Podcasting yourself. Dune was actually making podcasts.


#200 28 June 2016. My top show was This Life with Dr. Drew and Skelator (in a hat) talking to Craig Shoemaker.


#230: 31 January 2017, the last weekly podcast episode. Aww, Low Budget had an update, I went to an Anti-Fascist rally totally now with a baby bjorn with my service weapon in it.


Eureka was a show, fuck those quitters, an also runner was Night Attack with guest Robert Carghill.


So with that trip down memory lane…my god, why the fuck has anyone kept listening? Clearly I stopped caring well into double digits.






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Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good




Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Defocused #204: As You Know, That’s Crush Depth (Crimson Tide)

No Agenda #1054: Without Evidence, #1055: Tongue Jammin

Defocused #203: Bone-ar (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom)

TeeVee Games of Thrones Rewind S01E01

Do By Friday: Her Partner, Pam

Omnibus: The Barefoot Bandit

Junkfood Cinema: Shakedown


Top 10


10) No Agenda #1056: Q-Vision & #1057: Heckler’s Veto


9)  You’re the Expert: Invasive Species (With Ken Reid)


8)  The Villain Edit #53: Making It Is Fun


7)   Top Four #42: Friends


6)   Do By Friday: Gargac!


5)   Somehow I Manage #19 & #20: S2E13 and E14


4)  Reconcilable Difference #83:  Pit of Feek


3)   Omnibus: Skyskraper Helipads & The D-Day Crosswords


2)  The Incomparable #418: I Enjoyed it on a Quantum Level (Ant Man,… & The Wasp)


1)   ‘80s All Over: December 1983


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