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Podgodz 299: 12 Monkeys (2015) S01 E01 & E02

Recorded 31 July 2018


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A Backdoor pilot, an unrelated time travel spec script gets turned into a 12 Monkeys because the people who owns the rights want some money.


Let’s round up all the not great: script, acting, and story.


Episode 1

In 2043, scientists led by Katarina Jones complete a Project Splinter time machine to stop an apocalyptic plague before it happens. Their best lead is a corrupted 2017 recording from virologist Cassandra “Cassie” Railly which identifies Leland Frost with the plague’s origins and prophetically asks for James Cole, whom Jones recruits as a chrononaut. Cole questions Cassie in 2013, proving he is a time traveller by causing a scratch to appear on a future version of her watch, but she does not yet know about Frost. Cassie investigates on her own and when they meet again in 2015 she has identified Frost as Markridge Group CEO Leland Goines who is working on biological weapons. Cole fails to assassinate Goines and they are captured, Goines realizing that Cole is a time traveller he’d met in 1987 when Cole was looking for the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Knowing he will survive to do this, Cole puts the two versions of Cassie’s watch together, creating an explosive paradox. He kills Goines but it does not rewrite the post-apocalyptic future. Elsewhere, psychiatric patient Jennifer Goines inherits her father’s fortunes and is shown drawing the monkey logo.


Episode 2

Cole is directed to find information about a patient in a Philadelphia mental institution who is somehow linked to the “Army of the 12 Monkeys.” The scientists attempt to send him to 2015, but he winds up in North Korea in 2006, where an interrogator finds Cole’s note with the institution’s address. After being redirected to 2015 Cole finds the mentally unstable Jennifer Goines in the institution. Cassie gets Aaron Marker to take her to hide in her parents’ old bookstore, and she tells him there’s a cover-up taking place about Leland Goines’s death. Aaron brings her information spied from North Korea identifying Cole’s presence there in 2006, as well as the address of the institution from Cole’s note. At the institution Jennifer tells Cole that she worked for her father, and that she’s one of only two people left who know the location of his secret lab, the Night Room. Just as Cassie arrives at the institution to get Cole, a mysterious pallid man with a scar arrives and kidnaps Jennifer. He is revealed to be the man who killed both Jennifer’s coworkers at her father’s lab (leading to her mental breakdown) and Cassie’s ex-NSA contact Jeremy.


On the next episode, it’s our last podcast only episode and then we go fortnightly and jam it all into one burrito of shame.


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Don’t forget that we are a listener supported show.

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