Podgodz 297

Podgodz 297: Wonder Years FUCK THAT! Smokey and the Bandit! (1977)

Recorded 17 July 2018

This has an Academy award nomination, it’s that classy! (for editing)

Released 2 days, yes TWO DAYS after Star Wars, although a movie I would not have seen until later that summer, in a Penticton drive-in theatre about this time of year.


The movie that created Hal Needham and launched many sequels and prequels and USA network TV movies that stared talent the likes of Elizabeth Berkley, Kathy Ireland, and Traci Lords, the Canon Balls Run both 1 AND 2, Hooper, Megaforce, Stoker Ace as well as the I am sure Oscar winners Rad and Body Slam.


Good LORD, he also directed a western with Kirk Douglas, Ann-Margaret and Arnold Schwarzenegger! That I want to see.


What is good about this movie? Burt Renolds is actually personable as hell as is Sally Field. Especially together, it’s no surprise they were in the good part of their relationship. Jackie Gleason is also pretty fucking amazing. I imagine he is just doing what ever the fuck he wanted to do, because no way is this the writing talent of Needham.


The story? Eh. IMDB sum it up as “The Bandit is hired on to run a tractor trailer full of beer over state lines, in hot pursuit by a pesky sheriff.”


Does it have characters named “Hot Pants” and “Little Beaver”? You bet it does.


Does it have casual racism? Yep. Confederate flags? Yep.


Homosexual slurs? Darn Tootin!


Bechdel test? Oh hell no. Although…it isn’t totally misogynist?


Did you realize that The Bandit is actually a famous TRUCK DRIVER? Famous enough to be paid to appear at something called a Truck Rodeo? That the truck, and oddly the trailer, is owned by The Bandit and not Cletus?


Things I noticed: multiple skid marks – take 3?

Scary car moments.

Are podcasts the new CB radio?

Sheriff Justice wears Elvis sunglasses.

Technical bootlegging in a time where Coor’s Banquet was not only considered beer, but good beer.


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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