Podgodz 296

Podgodz 296

Recorded 10 July 2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Super Trooper 2

30 Rock rewatch

Shaun of the Dead

Scott Pilgrim







Updates: devoured all of 80’s All Over, starting Junk Food Cinema from the start

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Omnibus!: The Transcontinental Airway System

The Incomparable #413: How Ironic, Tony! (IM 1 & 2)

The Bugle #4074: Naked Hermit News

Skip to the End #99: Hereditary

Defocused #199: I Sit in Joedgement (The Big Short), #200: They May Have Spared a Few Expenses (Jurassic Park)


LAX Top 10

10) Somehow I Manage #15: Detective Pam (S2E9) #16: The Teapot (S2E10)

9)   Omnibus!: The Tri-State Tornado, Christian Science Reading Rooms

8)   No Agenda #1046: Pot on Sale!, #1047: Congrats Canada!, #1048: Crush ICE, #1049: Rent Men

7)   80’s All Over: October 1983

6)   Junk Food Cinema: A Fish Called Wanda

5)   The Incomparable #414: Credible Hulk

4)   Reconcilable Differences #81: Sixteen-Tile Puzzle

3)   Roderick on the  Line #295: Big Mike

2)   Do By Friday: The Good Shit

1)    Roadwork #116: Tweaker Crimes



1. JFC A Fish Called Wanda
2. The 40 Year Old Boy 10×50
3. ADS #864, #866 and #867
4. ACS MXPX and Rob Riener
5. legion of skanks #368
6. RD 154 and 155
7. AD #443
8. Defocused 200
9. The 40 year old boy 10×49
10. 80’s all over October 1983

On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch The Wonder Years


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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