Podgodz 292

Recorded 12 June 2018

Ran out of podcasts HARD, down to NONE now up to 24 minutes

Killing Eve

Ocean’s Eight

iOS 11





Add:      ‘80s All Over (5 episodes)

Junkfood Cinema (8 episodes)


Drop:  Dune Doesn’t Read Goosebumps


Updates: was tempted by Max Fun. So tempted, but soooooo douchey.


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good


Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

No Agenda #1039: Bot Cops, #1040: Pardon Me

The Villain Edit #50: Garbage Truck Wars

Hello Internet #103: Don’t Read the Comments

The Jim Jeffries Show #22: RuPaul’s Drag Race…

Defocused #195: Press ‘C’ to Pray to Eywa (Avatar)

Omnibus: The Preppy Handbook


Top 10

10) ‘80s All Over: August 1983

9)   Somehow I Manage #11: Three-Hole-Punch Jim, #12: The Perfect Storm

8)   Defocused #196: Murder Is Not Good (American Psycho)

7)   The Incomparable #409: Marshmallow Traitors (Casablanca)

6)   Incomparable Game Show #88: Pantheon of Muppets

5)   No Agenda #1041: Hairy Mary

4)   The Incomparable #410: I Am Not a Crackpot

3)   Do By Friday: Oh No, My Stocks!

2)   TV Guidance Counsellor #300: Shadoe Stevens

1)    Junkfood Cinema: Midnight Run

On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch, well, I’m sure it will be bad.


Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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