Podgodz 290

Recorded 29 May 2018


The Good Fight

Solo: A Star Wars Mistake – LAX

Solo: The Best Star Wars – GIO

Hotel Artemis


LAX – Adds/Drops/Updates

Updates: TV Guidance Counsellor? Cleared

Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

The Incomparable #408: Sometimes You Need a Wookie

The Incomparable #402: His Planet is Terrible (Counterpart)

You’re the Expert: Sea Sponges

Sardonicast #8: Last Jedi, Amores Perros

Skip to the End #96: Deadpool 2

No Agenda #1034: Privilege Walk, #1036 Braking Algos, #1037: Bug Ramen

TV Talk Machine #176: Bajip

No Such Thing as a Fish #218: Tennis On The Moon


LAX Top 10

10) Roadwork #111: John’s Noodles, #112: Haunted Basements Made of Stone

Roderick on the Line #290: Gasthaus, Arles

9)   Top Four #40: 90’s Albums

8)   The Omnibus Project: Duchenne Smiles, Spanish Fly

7)   Somehow I Manage #9: Flonkerton (S2E3) #10: Everybody Hurts (S2E4)

6)   The Jim Jeffries Show Podcast #20: Waterboarding,  #21: Emotional Support Camels

5)   Defocused #194: The Idea of String (-/-)

4)   No Agenda #1035: Hundos

3)   Do By Friday: Pussy Hatting, The Doodler

2)   TV Guidance Counsellor #299: Karen Kilgariff

1)    Eureka Podcast #264: What a Run


GIO Top 10

10 Legion of Skanks #363
09 LBfm ‘Year Of The Raw Dog’
08 TFV Top 5 skinny characters
07 My Favorite Murder #122
06 CUpodcast #125/FCOL lighten it up Jesus
05 Suicide Buddies #29 Avicii
04 Junk food cinema Who framed Roger Rabbit
03 The 80’s All Over July 1983
02 TVGC #297 Mark Waid
01 TVGC #299 Karen ‘Kilgore’ Kilgariff

Also Runners: WTF #917 Neal Brennan, no agenda 1036 and 1037

Hated it: Literary Disco #125: Columbine pt. 1 and 2.

Drops: Chewing It, Monday morning Podcast


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch, well, let’s just say it will not be well received but it has meaning to me. Used Cars (1980) by Robert Zemeckis.

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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