Podgodz 287: Tron (1982)

Recorded 08 May 2018

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Tron (1982)

Plot (Wikipedia)

Kevin Flynn is a leading software engineer formerly employed by the computer corporation ENCOM, who now runs a video arcade and attempts to hack into ENCOM’s mainframe system. However, ENCOM’s Master Control Program (MCP) halts his progress. Within ENCOM, programmer Alan Bradley and his girlfriend, engineer Lora Baines, discover that the MCP has closed off their access to projects. When Alan confronts the senior executive vice president, Ed Dillinger, Dillinger claims that the security measures are an effort to stop outside hacking attempts. However, when Dillinger privately questions the MCP, he discovers the MCP has expanded into a powerful virtual intelligence and has become power-hungry, illegally appropriating personal, business, and government programs to increase its own capabilities. The MCP blackmails Dillinger with information about his plagiarizing Flynn’s games if he does not comply with its directives.

Lora deduces that Flynn is the hacker, and she and Alan go to his arcade to warn him. Flynn reveals that he has been trying to locate evidence proving Dillinger’s plagiarism, which launched Dillinger’s rise in the company. Together, the three form a plan to break into ENCOM and unlock Alan’s “Tron” program, a self-governing security measure designed to protect the system and counter the functions of the MCP. Once inside ENCOM, the three split up and Flynn comes into direct conflict with the MCP, communicating with his terminal. Before Flynn can get the information he needs to reveal Dillinger’s acts, the MCP uses an experimental laser to digitize and download Flynn into the ENCOM mainframe cyberspace called the Grid, where programs are living entities appearing in the likeness of the human “Users” (programmers) who created them.


Flynn learns that the MCP and its second-in-command, Sark, rule and coerce programs to renounce their belief in the Users. The MCP forces programs that resist to play in deadly games and begins pitting Flynn in duels. Flynn meets other captured programs, Ram and Tron, between matches. Partnered, the three escape into the mainframe during a light cycle match, but Flynn and Ram become separated from Tron by an MCP pursuit party. While attempting to help Ram, who was wounded in the pursuit, Flynn learns that he can manipulate portions of the grid by accessing his programmer knowledge. Ram recognizes Flynn as a User and encourages him to find Tron and free the system before “derezzing” (dying). Using his new ability, Flynn rebuilds a vehicle and disguises himself as one of Sark’s soldiers.

Tron enlists help from Yori, a sympathetic program, and at an I/O tower, receives information in his identity disk from Alan necessary to destroy the MCP. Flynn rejoins them, and the three board a hijacked solar sailer to reach the MCP’s core. However, Sark’s command ship destroys the sailer, capturing Flynn and Yori, and presumably killing Tron. Sark leaves the command ship and orders its deresolution, but Flynn keeps it intact by again manipulating the Grid, while Sark reaches the MCP’s core on a shuttle carrying captured programs. While the MCP attempts to absorb captive programs, Tron, who turns out to have survived, confronts Sark and critically injures him, prompting the MCP to give him all its functions. Realizing that his ability to manipulate the Grid might give Tron an opening, Flynn leaps into the beam of the MCP, distracting it. Seeing the break in the MCP’s shield, Tron attacks through the gap and destroys the MCP and Sark, ending the MCP’s control over the Grid, and allowing the captured programs to communicate with users again.


Flynn reappears in the real world, rematerialized at his terminal. Tron’s victory in the Grid has released all lockouts on computer access, and a nearby printer produces the evidence that Dillinger had plagiarized Flynn’s creations. The next morning, Dillinger enters his office and finds the MCP deactivated, and the proof of his theft publicized. Flynn is subsequently promoted to CEO of ENCOM, and is happily greeted by Alan and Lora as their new boss.


My Thoughts (Lax)

I like this movie, but it is a god awful mismatch of styles. It freaking amazed 8 year old me though.

The Dude was a video game designer and hacker!

Open on Flynn’s Arcade and then cut to light cycle digital animate that can only be described by it’s limitations of 2mb of ram and 335mb of hard disk space.

It also portends the internet interconnecting everything.

Why does Sci-fi always fall back on hockey equipment as futuristic? This time it’s a Cooper hockey helmets.

Quick cuts to hide the limitations of your digital shots!

If make it look bright enough, maybe people won’t realize it’s black and white?

Another movie where people don’t understand programming, computers, and I suppose artificial intelligence.

I gotta say that ENCOM helicopter effect really stands up well.

I still can’t get Siri to tell me what my next scheduled event is and this fucker can half a conversation with his god damned desk? Fuck!

Welcome to the poorly realized cube farm matte painting.

Oh god the 80s glasses on Boxleitner!

The decor is 50% Yen Future and 50% Death Star.

I’m so sure the executive level elevator also goes to the LASER BAY.

Shut up old man, we are all aware of how transporters work, we’ve read the technical manual!

Getting a little creepy with the Dr. lady their Alan!

Back to Flynn’s, home of Space Paranoids!

I would like everyone to know we have a Donkey Kong kill screen coming up!

So the Dude is Afro-centric in the era of the Japan Fetish.

The Dude hacks for proof of the dirty done on him by Dillinger.

Encom could save some money if they just turned off some damn lights!

Now that is a big door!

I wonder who set up the desk powerpoint display for his little “fuck off” meeting?

Who’s in control now, eh? I bet the is why Elon is so worried about artificial intelligence!

Okay, gonna pause here. What is Flynn’s threat the the MCP? Should have cut him a deal and betrayed Dillinger. This movie now makes no sense. Time to turn it off and go  home.

Oh no, you’ve been teleported into an Amiga computer screen saver demo!

Programme jail, then the arena jai alai time before the light cycles and escape

Death of a programme, RIP Ram.

We now enter the part of the movie that can only be described as “filler” and kind decides to become a different movie.

Who hit the turbo button on the sideways aircraft carrier?

Frisbee battle on the mesa! Sark brain matter and the Giant Size Sark!

Aww. MCP was an old guy with a side strike manual typewriter under all the sparkle!

Revolution now, evil red has been purged, glorious blue is in power now.

So why did it spit The Dude back out at the LASER lab? Who knows. How is one printout going to help Flynn? Who the fuck knows!

Who where a fuzzy angora sweater to work? Dr.Lora Baines, that’s who!



My Thoughts (Gio)

Bop, boze-de-boze-de-bop, se-de-bop

Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla
Humala bebuhla zeebuhla bop


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