Podgodz 282

Recorded 27 March 2018

LAX Top 10

10) No Agenda #1018: Bunny Wars, #1017: Tech Neck

9)   The Bugle #4063: The Bots have Won

8)   Roadwork #103: Cuesta Verde

7)   Defocused #187: The Three Laws of Jack Sparrow

6)   Hello Internet #99: The Necessary Lies  of Civilization

5)   Sardonicast #03: Cool Cat, This is England

4)   Top Four #38: Tracks in Mario Cart 8 Deluxe

3)   Eureka Podcast #256: #notallchristians

2)   Omnibus: Milli Vanilli

1)    Roderick on the Line #282: The Grand Slam


Add: Somehow I Manage (The Office). The C Word.

Up for contention but not making the list this week

Defocused #186: Directionally Confused by the Title (Back to the Future)

Eureka Podcast #255: Craigs Erroneous

Skip to the End #92: Annihilation

Roderick on the Line #281: Eight Straight

Do By Friday: I Have Regretsies



1. TVGC #286 Bonnie Hunt
2. ACS #2285 Judd Apatow
3. ARIYNBF Ken Reid
4. ADS #791 and 792
5. Junkfood Cinema Deja Vu
6. Dune Reads Goosebumps Revenge of the Living Mummy Part 1
7. RD #138 and #139
8. AD #429and #430
9. The 40 Year Old Boy, Episode Thirty-Four and Thirty Five
10. Junkfood Cinema Virtuosity

Adds: we heart hartnett

On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch the magnum opus from 1982 known as Megaforce. The best movie, ever!



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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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