Podgodz 280

Recorded 6 March 2018

Star Wars Rebels

The Disaster Artist

Road Raged

Jessica Jones

Might be banned from Wallmart




Add: Sardonicast

Drop: DO Tell Ray, Go Pirates, Connected

Updates: I listen to too many podcasts. I am not listening to podcasts that I want to because I have to listen to other ones. I need to pair back on podcasts, above, and reshuffle the priority of others. This will be a challenge.


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good




Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

No Agenda #1012: Value Convo

Eureka Podcast #252: Mr. Kool-Aid Man

Skip to the End #90: Black Panther

Omnibus: Back Masking

No Such Thing as a Fish #206: A Pig in Court

Let’s Talk About Star Wars #27: God Speed Rebels


LAX Top 10

10) The Incomparable #395: Joe DiMaggio of the Slide Rule (Old movie club: The Cosmic Man)

9)   Defocused #184: That’s How the Animal Crackers Crumble (Zodiac)

8)   Bonanza #33: Beanie Babies Multiverse

7)   No Agenda #1013: Hypogonadism

6)   Omnibus: The Noid

5)   The Villain Edit #41: Crunchy Frog

4)   Eureka Podcast #253: I’m Your King Now

3)   This American Life #640: 5 Women

2)   The Incomparable #396: A Lifeboat Made of Mom (The Incredibles)

1)    Accidental Tech Podcast #263: Old Potato


GIO Top 10

1. I am Rappaport episode #383 Robert Patrick
2. My favorite murder #61 live at the Neptune
3. Tvgc #282 Steven Weber
4. HDTGM #183 Ladybugs Live
5. Cupodcast #119/junk food cinema crimson tide
6. Tvgc #284 Susan Eisenberg
7. Suicide Bros Jonathan Brandis/lbfm dot long beach dot gov
8. ACS #2267 9 Year Anniversary with SupG/ACS #2275 Eric Bana
9. ADS #779/ Chez Fondilez #1
10. Smodcast #391 Primo Kev pt. 1 and 2

Also Runners: WTF #895 Sharon Stone, Resume – water-cooler #109 and #110, wtf #891 Heather Graham, wtf #893 Jennifer Lawrence, junk food cinema ricochet, RD #136 sanctimonious bullshit, improv 4 humans #328, ARIYNBF Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Best debate in the universe #91 and #92. Tvgc #283 Ryan Walsh II, comedy film nerds 409, suicide buddies Darby Crash and 2 hosts 2 furious, wtf #897 Ted Danson,

Adds: I Am Rappaport, My Favorite Murder, comedy film nerds, Chez Fondilez
Drops: I Am Rappaport, wife of the party, comedy film nerds


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch something , Gio has lax watch 4 episodes of ‘Salute Your Shorts’

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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