Podgodz 278

Recorded 20 February 2018

Lots of Barney Miller




Add: Do Tell Ray, TeeVee Westworld Rewatch

Drop: -/-



Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

TV Guidance Counselor #280: Susannah Breslin


Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

No Agenda #1006: Congressional Jignitty, #1008: Ghost Gun

Defocused #182: It’s Fun You Can Take to the Bank (22 Jump Street)

Omnibus: Megafauna



LAX Top 10

10) Do By Friday: Problematic Clog

9)   Incomparable Game Show #80: The Answer’s Always Michael George

8)   Skip To The End #89: I, Tonya

7)   Defocused #183: Resting Sad Face (Nightcrawler)

6)   Do By Friday: Hândjobberie

5)   The Villain Edit #40: Why is King Features Syndicate in my Biz?

4)   TV Guidance Counselor #279 Obehi Janice

3)   Omnibus: The Bellamy Salute: Oneida

2)   No Agenda #1009: Best Codpiece, 1007: Tactical Frustration

1)    Eureka Podcast #250: Random Actor Challenge, #251: Squirt


GIO Top 10

01. CUpodcast #118
02. TVGC #281 Ananda Wyss
03. TAK #168 Darrin from Goldfinger
04. ACS #2261 Joel Mchale and ACS #2262 Prager and Pete Holmes
05. You made it weird Mark Duplass/Jay Duplass
06. ADS #768 Most Fatty’s don’t…
07. Omnibus ‘Death Discs’/TVGC #280
08. ARIYNBF Jason and Randy Sklar/ Defocused #183 Resting Sad Face
09. Monday Morning Podcast 02/19/2018
10. Bertcast #273 Owen Benjamin

Also Runners: JRE #1079 Tony Hinchcliffe, Dumb People Town Pete Holmes ‘Frightened Farmer’, Never Not Funny 2201 Ralph Garman, DDP #315 Listener Calls, The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Thirty-One, Year Ten, get high and save the world talk about saving dogs with Katie Levine.

Adds: Do By Friday, Omnibus, Fresh Beef, Wife of the Party, Never Not Funny, Monday Morning Podcast, Dumb People Town, get high and save the world

Drops: Do By Friday, get high…,

Hated it: LBFM , TFATK #335 Chris D’Elia, do by Friday ‘i fifteen love you’



On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch… Cannonball Run

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