Podgodz 277

Recorded 13 February 2018

What I remember of three torturous episodes of Farscape


Phantom of the opera mask is taking to the blue chick, which makes everyone else mad.

Phantom of the opera is alive despite having being executed

Phantom the opera wants to do a heist to save the shitty son of Chewbacca Klingon who is being sold in a place auction because he has the information.


No one seems to want to help Chewbacca Klingon, so he tries to go it alone. It does not go well.

Everyone now decides to try Phantom of the Opera’s plan.

The plan is stupid. Put shit in a box, along with the angry muppet, who somehow unfreezes from carbonate and goes into a different box, which comes out back to the blue chick, on the same day but with…treasure?


But, while that is happening evil military dominatrix is trying to get his shit back from the blue spider face dominatrix chick that runs the place.

They get away with the loot…or do they.


Second episode

The treasure is metal eating robots that start to eat the ship

White chick alien acts like a total bitch, but only for one scene so what the fuck

Since they don’t have any money to buy the slaves they have to ocean’s 11 the evil bank, which means reusing old costumes and characters from past episodes.

evil military guy in a gimp mask has bought all the slaves, fuck all of y’all


I think that’s it?


Third episode

Bad acting human turns himself in for the shitty son of Chewbacca klingon who really is a fucking turd

The Heist goes on, to get both treasure to pay for the heist but also to break out can’t act human.

‘Sexy torture’ on a stupid sex globe.

Heist goes wrong, betrayal, redemption by suicides

Everything works out, except for the dead people and the brain chip in can’t act human.


The end.

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