Podgodz 274:  Getting back into things

Recorded 23 January 2018

The Post

Ingrid Goes West

Fate of the Furious




Add: -/-

Drop: -/-

Updates: making progress on my food backlog


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good


Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Eureka Podcast #247: I am Craig

Do By Friday: A Tumbleweed of Pubes and Dust

Defocused #180: Channing Tatum Tots (Logan Lucky)

Omnibus – 4 episodes

TV Talk Machine #160: The End of the Foxing World


LAX – Top 10

10) Defocused #179: Your Bougie Flesh Burger (Kingsman: The Golden Circle)

9)   Eureka Podcast #248: Imported Bangladeshi

8)   Do By Friday: Instantaneous Gram

7)   No Such Thing As A Fish: Heroic Fire-Goat, Jigsaw For The Queen

6)   The Villain Edit #37: Totes Dyslexic, #38: I’ve Seen That Shape Before

5)   No Agenda 998, 999, 1000, 1001

4)   The Jim Jeffries Show Podcast #12: James Bond, Chris Rock & The Jimmy Fallon of Israel

3)   Top 4 #36: Misheard Eddie Vedder Lyrics

2)   TV Guidance Counsellor #277: Emily Ruskowski

1)    Roderick on the Line #274: Lord Sword



GIO Top 10

10. Sketchy #277
09. Reasonable Doubt #130 Selective racism
08. Junkfood Cinema ‘Highlander’
07. CUPodcast #116
06. ARIYNBF Sketchfest recap
05. The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Japan Day One
04. After Disaster #421 ‘A Letter From Jail’
03. Best Debate In The Universe #85 What is the best Pet?
02. ACS #2240 Natasha Legerro and Riki Lindhome/ TVGC #277
01. Low Budget FM How’s 2018?

Also Runners: We’ll See You In Hell 4..36, High and Mighty Special Bonus Actionboyz Road House, AOTH ‘Tears and Weirdness’, WTF 883 Mac, No Agenda #997 – #1001.

Hate Ya: How Did This get made #180, The Longshot 13.01.

Adds: Bunny Ears
Drops: BertCast (youtube only)

Stuff I saw ‘Super Dark Times’ (2017)


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch… Gio will hate. (Disney’s ‘The Black Hole’ 1979)


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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