Podgodz 271: It’s been a while and it’s not all my fault

Recorded 1 January 2018


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’ve now seen it twice (opening day and NYE). The movie looked great, but the Cantobite gambit was prequel treacle.

I had to turnoff my brain, why are these space warships fighting like WW1 battleships? They needed to rip off better, more modern, war movies.

Rian Johnson is, I think, a great director,  but needed a check on his writing. Where was the famed Disney oversight and meddling? Really? They just let him burn the motherfucker down?

At least you can’t criticize this one for not going it’s own way.

I should despise Porgs, but I don’t. They were done right.


Things done wrong


Run time

Captain Phasma’s very existence.

Not reworking it after the death of Carrie Fisher.

Fictional space physics.

Almost everything Po did.


The Good Place

Kristen Bell  —  Eleanor Shellstrop

William Jackson Harper  —   Chidi Anagonye

Jameela Jamil  —   Tahani Al-Jamil

D’Arcy Carden  —  Janet

Manny Jacinto  —  Jason Mendoza

Ted Danson  —  Michael

Tiya Sircar  —  The Real Eleanor


I was amazed at how they kept setting up major conflict after major conflict, steadily building the stakes without making it ridiculous or over the top dramatic. Every actor is bringing their A game. The Writing is fantastic.


Season 2 has been just as good.I’m not sure how they do a season 3, but I have an idea. I just don’t think this can have many more seasons in it.


Watching it a second time around it very fun.


What I watched

Longmire Season 6 and conclusion

Not Gear Season 2, Episodes 1 to 3

The Lego Movie


Otherwise I have a fuck ton of shit downloaded onto my PVR, and movies that were mentioned. I just don’t have enough time before the family gets back.


Only caught up on Brooklyn 99 which should totally go away as a show.

I am never watching The Orville again.


What I did

Rugby Game

Soccer Game

All the good museums

Lots of walking.

Lots of bus travel.


Other Things

YVR is a horrible airport

Jet lag is not kicking my ass


Podcast Things

New podcast: Omnibus: With John Roderick and Ken Jennings.

All the Star Wars: The Last Jedi podcasts. ALL. OF. THEM.


Deleted The Moth, Story Collider, Mike Row


Don’t forget that we are a listener supported show…blah blah…Crown Royal sack.


On the next Lax and Gio Watch Shit


Don’t forget that we are a listener supported show…blah blah…Crown Royal sack.


Don’t forget that we are a listener supported show.

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