Podgodz 268:  A trip to the Dentist (without the rape)

Recorded 14 November 2017

Rebungied shock mount

New projector





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Updates: -/-


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good




Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Eureka Podcast #240: That Time Craig was Chased Out of Home Depot

Do By Friday: Line Boy

The Incomparable #378: A Parrot Bit Me (old movie club)

99% Invisible #282: Oyster-tecture

Cortex #60


LAX Top 10


10) No Agenda #980: King Tides, #981: Talking Tubes, #979: Donna Gate


9)   Skip to the End #83: Murder on the Orient Express


8)   Roderick on the Line #264: Whisker Fatigue


7)    Roadwork #88: A Leaping of Wolverine


6)   This is That: O Canada on flights & Mount Everest for Sale


5)   Jim Jeffries Show Podcast #8


4)   Do By Friday We Sell Drills


3)   Liar City: Freedom Club (Unabomber)


2)   Eureka Podcast #239: Too Many Peppercorns in the Sausage


1)    TV Guidance Counsellor #265: John Hodgman II The Return


GIO Top 10

10. Sketchy #270 ‘Monster House’
09. Best Debate In the Universe #75 should you try psychotropics
08. Dough Boys Red Robin D’Arcy Carden/Dougboys Arby’s 2 with John Hodgman
07. ACS #2199 Neil deGrasse Tyson
06. The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Twenty, Year Ten
05. Improv4Humans #312 Wild Horses
04. ADS #708 The Ultimate White Nike
03. LBFM Lyft Off To America and Degenerate
02. ACS #2203 Christina P
01. TV Guidance Counselor #256 Kendra Cunningham

Also Runners: TVGC #265 John Hodgman II, No Agenda #981, The Longshot Podcast 12.36 Matt Besser and 12.40 The Caveat Episode, Phone Booth Fighting #159, TFV Top 5 Interrogation scenes, AD #412, JRE #1038 Billy Corgan, YMIW Gilbert Gottfried

Hated It: We’ll See You In Hell 4.26 ,TFATK #308 Theo Von, Rasied by TV #1

Adds(+) The Doughboys (again), Raised By TV, Suicide Buddies, The Long Shot Podcast (again, again)



On the next Lax and Gio Watch Shit

Lax makes Gio watch something old and horrible. In fact, we will both be watching it for the first time.

A format breaker. Moon Runners (1975). A movie that I have not ever watched but was more or less the pilot for…The Dukes of Hazzard, which we will also watch episode 1, One Armed Bandits (1979)


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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