Podgodz 265: Vomited on by the 70s. Space: 1999

Recorded 24 October 2017


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Space: 1999


S01E01 Breakaway (Production #1)

4 September 1975

Directed by Lee H. Katzin (Creator of The Man from Atlantis) and director of many MacGyver episodes.


In September 1999, John Koenig reports to Earth’s Space Research Centre at Moonbase Alpha as its new commander. A strange sickness is killing some of the Moonbase Alpha crew. Commander Koenig’s investigation reveals that the source lies at Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 1 caused by excessive magnetic energy fields. The continuous build up of energy shortly causes massive explosion clusters that knocks the moon off orbit into deep space.


S01E11 The Guardians of Piri (Production #8)

13 November 1975

Directed by Charles Crichton (Lavender Hill Mob, A Fish Called Wanda


Strange events befuddle the Alphans as they approach the planet Piri. When exploring its lifeless surface, Koenig encounters the seductive servant of the mysterious Guardian of Piri. She offers the wayward Alphans a life of peace and perfection. Realizing the deadly truth behind the peace of Piri, Koenig struggles to free his people from the Guardian’s influence.


S02E07 The Rules of Luton (production  2-#7)

23 October 1977


Following the detection of a defect in an Eagle, Tony Verdeschi is forced to leave John Koenig and Maya on a prospective home planet for the Alphans, whilst he returns to fetch another Eagle. After picking a flower and eating a Berry, both John and Maya are accused of murder by the ruling plant life on Luton. Their sentence is a fight to the death with three other accused aliens.



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