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Recorded 10 October 2017



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Oz (1997-2003)


S01E08 A Game of Checkers, August 25, 1997

After months of tension, a riot breaks loose in Em City, started by two inmates playing a game of checkers. McManus goes in to trade himself for a couple of wounded hostages, and the Governor decides to take back Em City by force.


S02E08 Escape from Oz, August 31, 1998

Aryan prisoner Mark Mack finds Busmalis’ tunnel and arranges for Karl Metzger, a new C.O. supervisor secretly working with the Brotherhood, to transfer him and his cellmate to Rebadow and Busmalis’ cell. Mack and his cellmate are killed when the tunnel collapses on them. Hill figures out a way to escape. Sippel has a rough time adjusting to life on the outside; he comes back to Oz to work for Mukada and meet the man he molested 10 years ago. Schillinger is disgusted with Sippel and crucifies him in the middle of the gym. Alvarez blinds Rivera and realizes he won’t be able to adjust to Solitary. Ryan O’Reily’s blood type is the only match to that of Rivera, who is in desperate need of a blood transfusion. O’Reily will help only on the condition that Cyril is transferred to Em City. He then confesses his part in Preston Nathan’s murder. Keller is released from the hole and breaks it off with Beecher, and he and Schillinger, along with Metzger, break Beecher’s heart and other things in the process. Adebisi continues to suffer delusions and finds peace, which Nappa sees as an opportunity to rally the other gangsters and set up Adebisi for murdering Jara. As a result, Adebisi is sent to the psych ward. Devlin offers Said clemency, resulting in making the other Muslim prisoners jealous. Said humiliates Devlin by exposing the truth of his actions after the riot and rejecting the pardon. Hill goes along with his plan to escape.


S03E01 The Truth and Nothing But…, July 14, 1999

The prison is renamed Oswald State Correctional Facility Level 4. Governor Devlin makes a deal with Weigart, a pharmaceutical corporation, to cut costs to the state prison medical board. This results in Alvarez, who is suicidal, having his medicine rejected and his not being fed in retaliation for blinding Rivera. Wangler, who dubs himself brickz, takes new inmate Malcolm Coyle under his wing. Nappa who suspects he’s undercover, decides to have Wangler prove his loyalty to him. Adebisi is released from the psych ward and decides not to fight back. Clayton Hughes, who is a close friend of Glynn, whose father was killed in the line of action, is hired. Another new CO, Claire Howell, sets her sights on McManus. O’Reily wants to get revenge on Schillinger by causing trouble between Schillinger and the bikers. Richie Hanlon is sent to death row, and Bellinger finds him intriguing. Said meets Scott Ross’ sister to try to persuade her to join the lawsuit; during this meeting, he starts to show feelings for her. McManus learns the truth about Metzger and tries to get Beecher to testify about what happened to him. Beecher declines. Keller starts to feel guilty for his part and wants to prove his love to Beecher, so he confesses the truth to McManus. Beecher gets sweet revenge on Metzger.



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