Podgodz 260 Welcome to Dongletown

Recorded 11 September 2017

A day early…for REASONS


Been running out of pod pretty hard

Indian Food

New iPhones tomorrow

New laptops: so….many…dongles!

OS Update – good so far

EarPod case replaced under warrantee

Bojack Horseman

Joined Patreon for Do By Friday – 50K toolbox guy next?

Saw The Matrix in theatre









Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good



Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

The Incomparable #369: We’ve Eaten All the Vegetable (GoT)

Eureka Podcast #231: The Tramp Stamp’s the Last Laugh

Reconcilable Differences #60: Anything Can Be a Smoothie

Do By Friday: Jardine D’Olive

Skip to the End #78: Logan Lucky

No Agenda 960-963


LAX Top 10


10) The Incomparable #370: Someone We’ve Never Heard of (SW Directors Draft)


9)   Roadwork #79: The John Roderick Simulator


8)   Liar City: Satanic Panic V:Mazers and  Monsters


7)    That’s What we’re Tarkin About: Volcano Head & Boba Fett Is My Friend


6)   The Villain Edit 27, 28, 29?


5)   The Incomparable Game Show #69: Victoria Parlour Games


4)   TV Guidance Counsellor #250: Larry Murphy


3)   Roderick on the Line #257: Sonic Posture


2)   Do By Friday:: She’s A Saucy Dumpster


1)    This is That: Can-Con Netflix…


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch shit it’s something horrible as picked by Gio


GIO Top 10

10. The Film Vault Top 5 Sacrifices and TFV Top 5 uses of the F word

09. Defocused #163 Matrix Reloaded

08. No Agenda #960/Sketchy #267 ‘Cool World’
07. The Chud Show #125/ JRE #1009 James Damore
06. LBFM ‘Ever Go To Far?’
05. TVGC #250 Larry Murphy
04. TFATK #290 Taran Killam
03. ADS #661 The Shales Article
02. The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Eleven, Year Ten
01. The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Twelve, Year Ten
Also Runners: TFATK #288 Bill Goldberg, After Disaster #401, FCOl ‘Who Thinks That Way?’ Cinemaddicts #74 Sep. 2017, Reasonable Doubt #110 Arizona, The After Disaster #402, miscellaneous adventures of Mike Carano #214, Sketchy #266, We’ll See You In Hell 4.17, AD #403, No Agenda #961, #962 and #963, JRE #1010 Redban, The Chud Show #126 ‘It’, Bertcast #250 Doug Stanhope
Adds: The Chud Show, Doughboys, Obsessed, I Think Your Interesting, Stop Podcasting Yourself, off book
Hate Ya Toad!: JRE #1007 Drunken Madness,
GIO saw: ‘The Mummy’ (2017), ‘It’ (2017)

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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