Podgodz 257

Recorded 22 August 2017

The Eclipse

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Josie and the Pussycats


Logan Lucky

Josh Whedon is scum

Had the last of Gio’s Sauce


The Thick of It Series 1 (Don’t mind the pedo)

In the first batch of three episodes, Hugh Abbot is installed as a new minister following the forced resignation of his predecessor Cliff Lawton. These episodes follow his attempts to make his mark on the department by introducing new policies while following the party line enforced by Malcolm Tucker. Due to a series of complications and mistakes, this leads to the minister coming close to resignation on a number of occasions.


So the setting. The UK is in the grips of “fly on the wall” fever, more reality documentaries the likes of which The Office (UK) is taking shots at. Thrilling subjects like Estate Agents and retail clerks were investigated. The country also had their ‘New Labour’ moment, a pretend Labour government is in power behind the secretly Catholic (a major concern) Tony Blair, think Bill Clinton. New Labour, Cool Britannia, Spice Girls, finally paying off the WW2 debt!


Peter Capaldi is playing a thinly veiled Alastair Campbell (ding!) – the foul mouthed Scottish puppet master that got shit done. Think…James Carvel (Google: crazy southern democrat advisor clinton).


This series starts slooooow, sorry about that.


Chris Langham   …    Hugh Abbot

Peter Capaldi       …    Malcolm Tucker

Chris Addison     …    Oliver Reeder

Joanna Scanlan …    Terri Coverley

James Smith        …    Glenn Cullen



Episode 1


Minister goes (because of media pressure, but we can’t say it’s media pressure), new minister (the pedo) wants to make a splash and due to his personal relationship with the PM leaks a benefits rat squad and calls press conference only to have to back track because the PM is supporting it. They have to say they did announce the rat squad at the press conference where they didn’t.


Episode 2

The minister is finding commuting difficult, he is reluctant to use his London flat. It also appears to be before “respectful workplace training” hit the UK, he is also fucking out of touch so is going to have to watch the concentrated popular culture tape. They are using a lot of focus groups, and have picked out one favourite – and bring her in to have a super focused focus group. Too bad she is an actor that was hired to simply fill a spot. But she liked the getting criminals to stop being criminals by giving them music funding. No one likes the arts policy, they think focus group lady stitched them up so threaten her…but for no reason, she wasn’t in with the reporter.


Episode 3

The minister has a bit of success with a housing bill, and no one is bothering to listen he got invited to #10.

To solve the problem of the second vacant house, just put it up for sale – but don’t take any offers.

Malcolm has to run to try and stop what they thought was a friendly interview, but she went to (I think) the right wing paper, in an all glass meeting room which leads to muffled very loud swearing. Maybe it was a racist thing? Nope, just Flatgate. Instead of resigning, there will be an enquiry, he does get to eat some biscuits in a closet though. The report is not good, he got stitched up by the driver he had been complaining about. They are sticking with Abbot, but need to offer up someone, either Ollie or Glenn…and then Dan Miller, golden boy minister swoops inane resigns for the glory while Hugh was going to resign.




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