Podgodz 254

Recorded 1 August 2017

It’s the smoke smog that makes it feel like Mad Max

Been working a long time, today was day 7 of 10


Devil At Your Heals thoughts?




Rick and Morty

Atomic Blonde tomorrow




Add: That’s What We’re Tarkin About (Previously.tv – Star Wars)




Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

The Dana Gould Hour Hottslyvania 6-5000!


Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

No Agenda #948: Chow Hound, #950: Race: Other

Defocused #157: Partial Media Brownout (Baby Driver)

Help Internet #85: Another Person I’ve Never Heard Of

The Incomparable #364: The Show of Theseus

Do By Friday: The Duck Goes Coin Coin

The Incomparable Game Show #66: Low Definition: I Will See a Wrinklepuff

Defocused #158: Every Day is a Winding Refn (Drive)


Top 10

10) Reconcilable Differences #57: Losing my Stormtrooper

9)   The Incomparable #363: From Cold City to Atomic Blonde

8)   Road Work #75: Absodoodly

7)    TV Guidance Counsellor #240, #241, #242

6)   TeeVee #273: Preachers SeE3-5

5)   Roderick on the Line #254: One of My Favorite Actresses

4)   Eureka Podcast #225: The Suite Life of Craig & Jeremy, #226: Poo Splatter Specialists

3)   No Agenda #949: Bro_splosian, #951: Hard Forking

2)   Skip to the End #76: Dunkirk

1)    Do By Friday: A Bear of Honey


GIO Top 10
10. Dana Gould Hour Hottslvania 6500
09. ADS #636
08. Cinemaddicts #73
07. JRE #991 Eddie Bravo
06. Phone Booth Fighting #138
05. TV Guidance counselor #242
04. WTF #832 DAG
03. CUPodcast #103
02. Reasonable Doubt #105 Gad Saad
01. ACS #2129

Also Runners: You Made It Weird Roy Wood Jr., TV Guidance counselor #241, LBFM Mr. Hiss, The Adventures of Danny and Mike #43 and #44, No Agenda #948 Chow Hound, Phone Booth Fighting #137, Best Debate #59 and #60, Defocused #158, Nerdist #888 Damon Lindelof

Hate Ya: Chewin It Nick Swardson, JRE #988 Nick Swardson


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch shit it’s something…animated?


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.

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