Podgodz 240

Recorded 25 April 2017

Gio has moved to the land of racist potatoes.

Apple Ear Pod thoughts

I was on Eureka Podcast (#211)

@laxdude@noagendasocial.com (Mastodon)

Mother’s Day

Started automotive wrenching.




Add: BBC World Service Newshour, BBC World Service Newshour Extra


Updates: Still off all things Max Fun because of Max Fun Drive. Not missing it.


Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

Defocused #142: The Law Firm of Keaton, Turner, and Hooch (Turner and Hooch)

S-Town from NPR

Road Work

Radio lab… I forget why.


Top 10 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

The Incomparable #347z: I Tore My Pants (Star Trek Episode Draft)

The Incomparable Gameshow #59: We Are the World (UK Trivia)

Reconcilable Differences

You’re the Expert

Skip to the End #68: Ghost in the Shell


Top 10 – Lax

10) Tv Guidance Counsellor #215: Liz Miele, #216 Tabitha Soren#219: Jon Fisch

9)   Random Trek #142, #145

8)   The Incomparable #349: I’ve Got a Creamy Nougat (Legion)

7)    No Such Thing as a Fish x4

6)   Do By Friday

5)   The British Museum: The Cat Man

4)   No Agenda x8

3)   The Irrelevant Show X3

2)   Eureka Podcast x3 (except #211)

1)    Top 4 #27: Girl Scout Cookies




Top 10 – GIO
10. ADS #565
09. Reasonable Doubt #91
08. Chewin’ It Haley Joel Osment
07. AD #383
06. TV Guidance Counselor #220/TV Guidance #216
05. The 40 Year Old Boy Forty-Four, Forty-Five
04. B.E.E. Andrew McCarthy
03. Low Budget 2-4-17
02. ACS Jay Chandrasekhar
01. ACS Steve Byrne

Also runners: The Adventures of Danny and Mike 2016-2017, TFATK #252 Randy and Jason Sklar, WTF #804 Amanda Peet, Bertcast #229 Chris Fairbanks, CU Podcast #196, ADS #558 James Deen, WTF 801 Anne Hathaway. Hate To Break it to you #4.
Hated it: ARIYNBF Guy Branam, JRE’s 948 BS ED, 949 Josh Zepps, Harmon Kumanji, Defocused #142

News, Sklars leave earwolf, origin of dumb people town.

Adds: Harmontown
Drops: Harmontown


On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch shit, Lax Picked ‘People of Earth’ (2016)

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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.