GLL Episode 792

CLL #792 (feat. The Love Between The Two Hosts) – 10/12/1998 – Monday Night Show

Source – Kevin Tape (2016) With TobyDog Tape (pre-2007) patches

This is a new Kevin Tape with a couple tiny patches from the existing Toby Tape, sadly this episode starts at almost the exact same time as the Tobydog tape, same affiliate too, the odds of this are insane. This show is missing about 11min of content from the first segment, the end is now complete and intact, fans on LovelineTapes were bummed the previous recording was missing the end of a call, now it’s restored. The boys are broadcasting from Clearwater Florida. Episode #791 is still missing from the archive, either Best Of or a no guest show presumably.

Thanks to a local Facebook group posting “Gary” (Cooper) and “Dave” (Tater) are home and reunited with their family. It’s a good reminder to sign up with nextdoor and do a postcard address confirmation ASAP, you never know when some local thing like a lost or found dog might come up. Also you’d be surprised how many local FB groups there are for lost pets. I may have been hit/kinda run-over by a small SUV, cried in public three times, got handcuffed with a cop’s knee on my neck, missed my two “days off” and had my right index finger so horrifically mangled I can’t post any pictures of it but it was all worth it* The owner was so kind and overwhelmed, I’m so happy they’re safe. *kinda worth it. I really do need my index finger for literally all of my jobs and saving loveline, it’s perhaps my most precious asset, someone should hook me up with Mary Hart’s leg insurance agent

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Just got this picture of the two guys I saved back home safe with their buddy

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