Podgodz 234

Recorded 28 February 2017

More snow? Why the fuck not




Add: Intercepted




Shows that pissed me off/weren’t good

The Alton Browncast #68: Gaby Dalkin

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project 2/28/17

TV Guidance Counsellor #209 Rose McGowan


Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week


Reconcilable Differences #46: Some Form of Ballast

No Such Thing as a Fish

You’re the Expert

The Bugle #4018

Skip to the End #65: Moonlight

Roderick on the Line


LAX Top 10

10) TV Guidance Counsellor #210: Lenora Claire

9)   Dana Gould Hour: Uncle Donald’s Monkey!

8)   TV Guidance Counsellor #211: Gary Peterson

7)    The Incomparable #341: Might As Well Keep Going (Rocket Surgery: The Wizard of Mars)

6)   99% Invisible #248: Atom in the Garden of Eden

5)   Defocused #137: A Little Extra Dough (Hail, Caeser!)

4)   The Irrelevant Show: Goalie Thoughts…

3)   No Agenda #907: Bias Response Team #905 Burn the Man Bun, #904: Reich 4.0, #906 Hitler’s Playbook

2)   The British Museum Membercast #003: Joan of Arc

1)    Do By Friday: Defending the Border & Touched the Dirty Santa


GIO Top 10

10. No Agenda #906 and #907
9. TFATK #237
8. Junk Food Cinema Frailty
7. Junk Food Cinema In The Mouth of Madness
6. Junk Food Cinema TMNT
5. Episodes of the irrelevant show goalie…/Sketchy #251
4. ADS #526 He Was Barreled
3. ACS #2016
2. Dumb people town Adam Carolla
1. JRE #920 Gavin Mcinnes/The 40 Year Old Boy Thirty-Seven, Year Nine

Also runners: JRE #923 Whitney Cummings, This Life 70 Andy Dick, junk food cinema event horizon, ace on the house power move, baby!, RD 83, JRE #919 Neil, JRE #921 Dominick Cruz. TV Guidance #210, your mom’s house 384, FCOL douchebags

Hated it: Dana Gould Hour uncle Donald’s monkey

Adds: junk food cinema, dumb people town, the armchair detective podcast, Road Work (Added back mid episode)

Drops: road work

On Next Week’s Gio and Lax Watch shit Lax picked Josie and the Pussycats (2001) directed and written by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, a tragically under rated movie that was marketed by idiots to idiots.


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