Podgodz 226

Recorded 2 January 2017

This is not a repeat, we had another SNOW! FREAKOUT!

Happy Fucking New Year

Rogue One: Further thoughts

Happy Fucking New Year

Used the lull to finally dig through some of my backlog, deleting clip shows also helps, down to 4.7 gigs on device – lots of food and storytelling.



LAX Top 5 shows of the Week


Up for contention but not making the list this week

Roderick on the Line #230: Forrest of Meat

Judge John Hodgman: Woodsy Bob Newhart (Nick Offerman)

Unattended Consequences: No More Email

Skip to the End #61: Passengers

Night Attack #149: A Ripping Yarn


Top 5

5)    TV Guidance Counsellor #169: Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, #197: Matt Gourley

4)   The Incomparable #333: That’s How It Works: 2016 Year in Review

3)   Defocused #129: 2016 Year in Review

2)   No Agenda #890: Activist, #891: Bug Juice

1)    Eureka Podcast #196: The Christmas Aftermath


GIO Top 5

5. The Adventures of Danny and Mike #30 / ARIYNBF Placenta
4. JRE #894 and #895 #WhoIsFat
3. No Agenda #891 Bug Juice
2. This Life #62 Adam Carolla
1. The 40 Year Old Boy Episode Thirty Year Nine

Also Ran: Smodcast #366, Gilmore Guys Summer with Manzouks, Roderick Forrest of meat.

Hate Ya Toad! – Race Wars – Chinese Apples pt. 1, The Adventures of Danny and Mike #30


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Time to put the Crown Royal sack back on the microphone.